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About VA

Vision Automation specialises in industrial vision systems - our only business activity. Our systems are used to ensure consistent product quality in many manufacturing processes. Our range of standard vision systems for multiple applications enables us to solve most vision tasks without any additional development effort. For customers this means that we deliver systems with consistent and reliable performance - with comprehensive functionality included - well documented - thoroughly tested - at reasonable prices. Vision that works.

Vision Automation has a strong team of vision engineers, technicians, sales and administrative staff with both extensive know-how and experience in designing vision solutions. We are located in Birkerød, Denmark, 20 km north of Copenhagen where we design and develop applications, software and hardware and perform final assembly and test of our vision systems. Production of electrical and mechanical components is done by outside partners.

Vision Automation A/S was founded in 1988 by 4 experienced vision engineers, who had been designing vision systems since the early '80. All 4 partners are still active within the company. Vision Automation is a very well performing company showing continuous increases in turnover and profits.

Over the years we have installed more than 1000 vision systems. Vision Automation systems are used in 50+ countries worldwide every day. We export 90 % of our systems to other European countries. Most Vision Automation systems are used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Vision Automation has the expertise and experience to provide vision systems and solutions for the demanding, high speed, high accuracy, real world applications of the manufacturing industry. Contact us for more information.

Defect inspection - Standard tools in VisioRead / VisioRead Colour & DATEmark
Defect inspection - Standard tools in VisioRead / VisioRead Colour & DATEmark

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